If you have an interest in this area you would be welcome to attend up to three meetings before committing to join. The group is friendly and each evening’s meeting is conducted with a show and tell of recent acquisitions a ‘5 minuter’ of an in depth subject a member has researched, a review of a publication, the evening’s display conducted by the presenter and a review of the evening. There is no buying or selling at these meetings. Enquiries can be made to the Secretary, Arthur on 0419 843 943.


24 January, M.K.: ‘WA Timber and Aboriginal Picture Postcards’
28 February, Members: ‘Western Australia and the Letter E’.
28 March, P.W.: ‘New Zealand 1d Universal’
25 April, G.S.: ‘Nicaraguan Airmail’
23 May, Members: ‘Western Australia Recent Acquisitions’
27 June, Members: ‘Western Australia Forgeries’
25 July, Members: ‘W.A. Wheatbelt Postmarks’
22 August, J.diB.: ‘Priority Paid in Australia’
26 September, Members: ‘Selected Non-Western Australia’.
24 October, B. H.: ‘Ceylon TPOs’
28 November, A.T.: WA Stamps and their Dates of Issue, ERD and LRD’

Members are requested to bring relevant material for meetings. Topics are subject to change.