Swan River Stamp Show 2016 Results

Barrett, Brian
Australian Commonwealth – Postage Due Stamps
Traditional 78 L.Vermeil  S.Prize
Goodwin, Ron
Study of Electro 24 – KGV Sideface 1 1/2 Red Die 1
Traditional 64 Silver S.Prize
Lee, David
Development of an Airmail Service to Madagascar
Traditional 84 Gold S.Prize
Kouwen, Mike
Australia – London Customs Duty
Revenues 88 Gold S.Prize
Lee, David
Albert Kimmerling: His Life and Times
Picture Postcards 84 Gold S.Prize
Rhodes, Michael
I am Nothing
Cygnet 85 Gold S.Prize
Saunders, Dianne
Australian Wildflowers Emblems
Cygnet 63 Silver S.Prize
Whittaker, Brian
Crux Australis – The Southern Cross
Cygnet 73 Vermeil
Penfold, Denis
Western Australia Stamp Duty
Club Class Winner S.Prize
Warren-Langford, Pat
Quilting & Patchwork in Society
Club Class Runner Up S.Prize