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One of the earliest multi-stage long haul scheduled airmail routes in the world commenced in 1921 as an intrastate route from Geraldton to Derby. Some interstate and international airmail, including transit airmail, became available to Western Australians in 1929 when the Perth to Adelaide and London to Karachi routes were opened. Extensions of the routes beyond Derby, Adelaide and Karachi in the 1930s made airmail more readily available but the new route from Perth to Wiluna had little use as most destinations had adequate rail service.
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BRUCE HAYNES: WESTERN AUSTRALIA: NAVAL MAIL 1942 – 1994   WA Naval Mail is any mail to, from, or related to naval personnel in or connected to WA. Such mail is scarce prior to 1939 as it is mainly related to visiting ships and no specific postal markings were used.
This collection contains the majority of recorded WA naval mail and is the reference collection for Haynes and Pope (1997).

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BRUCE HAYNES: WESTERN AUSTRALIA: HOLES IN STAMPS Western Australia has a long and varied history of official and officially sanctioned punctures in postage stamps. Official punctures have the same purpose and status of overprinted official stamps but lack the same philatelic collecting interest. They are also more prone to forgery. This display includes punctures for use by Commonwealth and State Departments and private businesses.
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A compilation of philately of Western Australia Postal History in brief.

Pre-postage stamp era 1827-1854, Postage stamps 1854-1861, Postage stamps 1863 – 1912,Forgeries,Perfins- official and private,Specimens,Postal Stationery,Travelling Post Offices,WA Postal markings to 1901,Commonwealth type postmarks of Western Australia,Local posts of the Eastern Goldfields 1894 – 1897,Airmails of Western Australia, Collecting the Revenue, Duty & Telegraph stamps of Western Australia,Dead Letter Office Perth. Authors are: Brian Pope, Ken Burley, Phil Thomas, Derek Pocock, Ross Duberal, Arnold Creaser, Ray Todd.


JOHN F DIBIASE MONTE BELLO ISLANDS – LOCAL POST STAMPS   Collectors first became aware of a set of 3 denominations, 1d., 3d., and 6d. of the Monte Bello Islands local post stamps were issued when an unknown London stamp dealer offered these for sale at the time of the first British atomic tests off the coast of Western Australia in 1951-52.
The exhibit focuses on proofs, sheets and varieties and a selection of reprints and phantom stamps produced in the 1990’s.